Blog of the WestMedFlux cruise



After 25 days we finally came back home. 

Mission completed.

We will miss revoir, see you in the WestMedFlux 2 :)

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Ping Pong competition

Our ping pong tournement finally has a winner! Thanks to everyone for the great participation!!


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Tribute to a star of the ocean

Richard Von Herzen passed away on January 2016 but his knowledge guided us in our cruise

and his spirit is still alive with his instrument and all of us of WestMedFlux.

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Coffee and conductivity

Everything works better after a good italan coffee... including the conductivity measurements!

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The whole science group!

France, Russia, Algery, Italy, Spain, Belgium: we are really international!

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Half-cruise party

Pot de mid-campaigne... socialize for science!

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Chiefs portrait

Our captain and chef de mission together! we are in good hands :)

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Creativity workshop on board

Sculpure made of precious deep Mediterranean Sea sediments...for sale now!

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