Into the blue hole

We arrived in a quite complicated zone for the Pogo. We had to have a close look at the sub bottom profiles acquired live to explore the first sediment layers below the seafloor over a thickness that reaches tens of meters and find the softer sediments zone for a good penetration of the Pogo. Our multi-beam echosonder showed in the morphology of the sea floor a 90m deep crater shape morphology. 

We are closer to the Baleares slope now, and coarser sediments have been found in the cores. 

Our free time is dedicated to the gourmet restaurant of Atalante (it is not a Joke, the cook is very good), and to a tennis competition organized by Michela and starting today.

This afternoon we could attend a very nice seminar, driven by Katia and Olesia, about gas hydrates in the Baikal sediments.

The crew is always curious to learn about science.

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